About Us

It all started innocently enough, with a homebrew kit. A well meaning gift some 25 years ago that ignited a passion for home brewing. After success with the first kit well, you know how it goes, you have some ideas for how to make it better. You start filling bottles from a kit, then the next thing you know, youíre whole grain brewing and filling kegs to put in your handily converted "Beer-rigerator". You begin driving miles to get supplies or order online, waiting in wild anticipation for their arrival. Before you know it, youíre opening a home brewing supply store.

As it happened while sitting in the garage brewing a batch one day, it seemed a good idea to light up a fine cigar. Turns out cigars are a nice compliment to some beers (or the occasional scotch or brandy). It seemed only natural to combine the two hobbies into one store. I'm looking forward to hearing about your brewing experiences and/or favorite cigars too. When it comes to brewing beer, making wine, or smoking a cigar, I will help you get more enjoyment from your hobby(s), whether you're just starting, or a seasoned expert.


David Scott

Owner, operator, proprietor, chief cook & bottle washer.